SafeSale Solution For Crystal Gate

Your 24/7 “ATM” Store Extension

SafeSale© Extend is an automated merchandising and delivery system, that enables customers to purchase their most common groceries or any other product, 24/7, in a convenient, immediate and safe “socially distant” way.

  • Safe “socially distant” shopping
  • 24/7 availability
  • Quick, on-the-go service
  • Large product variety
  • Local, online & app user-interface
  • Frictionless new service
  • Increased sales (after hours’ service)
  • Easy operations by the local staff
  • Frees up store space
  • Data driven operations
  • As close as possible to consumers
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  • Modular and flexible
  • All shapes and sizes of products
  • Ambient and refrigerated
  • Theft, vandal and weather proof
  • Indoor, outdoor, free standing
  • Brand-able
  • Great UX
  • All payment options
  • Loading from both front and rear
  • Easily changed planogram
  • Remote connectivity and management
  • Fully connected to both POS and inventory systems