Smart Souq Solution For Crystal Gate

The Final Frontier of Brick & Mortar Retail

SmartSouq is an automated store and locker system, that enables consumers to receive delivery of grocery orders made online, and buy their daily groceries at their convenience; close-to-home, 24/7, in a safe “socially distant” way Supermarkets can quickly deploy a network of Automated Stores, with their brand, in centrally located suburban environments, large residential complexes, etc.

Why SmartSouq ?
A unique combination of advanced technology, location procurement & management and other services, ie.  logistics, technical support and others; Can be purchased outright, or deployed with no capital investment, using our Store-as-a-Service™ model.

Inside F gen


  • Universal, modular and flexible
  • All shapes and sizes of products
  • Ambient, refrigerated and frozen
  • Fully secure
  • Outdoor and weather proof
  • Great UX
  • Brand-able
  • Remote connectivity & management